Emily Quinn has been teaching science for over 7 years, and she's the author of the AQA Required Practical Lab Books for the current GCSE specification, along with KS3 and KS4 science intervention resources. Here she shares her creative ideas for Required practicals.

by Emily Quinn
4th September 2020

These 20 ideas are aimed at helping all students get the most out of the Required Practicals as experiences that help them flourish as scientists rather than a set of methods to be committed to memory.

With a focus on Apparatus and Techniques, Assessment Objectives and Working Scientifically skills, these practicals can become much more than a blindly-followed method.

These ideas are all techniques I use in my classroom with my GCSE and KS3 Science classes, my absolute favourites being numbers 16 and 17!

Required Practicals are an excellent opportunity for students to develop practical science skills for their future science careers.

(This article was first published as a newsletter on 12/12/18.) 

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