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Classroom Success doesn’t have to be Rocket Science

Dr Suzanne Wrigley, Lead Professional for Student Progress at Manchester Communication Academy, had always been passionate about engaging students in science and was keen to find new ways to inspire them to study STEM subjects at college and university.

She began trialling Pearson ActiveLearn Digital Service, which offers a range of engaging interactive resources for students as well as front-of-class digital textbooks, including animations, PowerPoint presentations and audio files.

“The best thing about the platform is that we can monitor pupil progress through assessments, and the straightforward interface helps teachers see if students are on track,” says Suzanne. “By being able to easily identity and help students that need additional support in certain areas, we’ve seen departmental results improve on average by 0.7 of a grade, and pupil interest in science and STEM has never been greater!”

Suzanne’s Science Secrets

Hear more about how Suzanne has used Pearson’s ActiveLearn to to inspire pupils to study STEM subjects at college and university


Teach Science Your Way

Discover how Pearson’s ActiveLearn can help deliver varied and effective learning in your classroom


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