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Published: 27/01/2021
KS3 | Working scientifically
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Spiral word puzzle: units and instruments

A fun spiral puzzle for key stage 3 science students to consolidate their understanding of  25 key words associated with units, instruments and scales. Includes answers for self or peer marking in class. 

Example questions for students to answer from the resource:

  1. The unit used to measure sound (7).
  2. These units are used to measure vast distances in space, between galaxies and stars for example (5,5).
  3. The basic SI unit of time (6).
  4. The space between two objects, anywhere from millimetres to light years (8).
  5. The measurement for this particular quantity is the joule (6).
  6. A decade is made up of ten of them; a century contains a hundred (5).
  7. An outdoor device used in daylight, it is used to tell the time by the shadow cast on its flat circular plate (7).
  8. One of the three dimensions of any object; the other two being height and width (6).

Key words students will be revising in the resource: 

decibel, distance, earth, earthquakes, electric current, energy, heart rate, height, hours, length, light years, Ohms, speed, rulers, scales, seasons, second, SI units, sonar, stone, stopwatch, sundial, temperature, thermometers, years



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