Word gap posters

Set of 8

Word gap posters

(KS3-4) | Posters
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This set of eight, eye-catching posters provides cues and strategies to support students’ vocabulary development and help close the word gap.

Help to foster a love of words and build a vocabulary-rich environment in your classroom.

Topics covered: engaging with complex words, upgrading language, dictionary work, prefixes, root words, decoding new words, classroom talk, linking words and phrases.

For further support with vocabulary development, see Closing the word gap: activities for the classroom.

Product details:

  • set of eight posters – a mix of portrait and landscape
  • dimensions: 500 x 707 mm (B2)
  • high quality (200 gsm) silk poster paper
  • buy more than one set and save (discount applied automatically).

Payment and delivery

Posters are sent in strong cardboard tubes.

UK delivery takes up to 14 days and costs:
  • 1 set – £4.96
  • 2-3 sets – £9
  • 4-6 sets – £10.50
  • 7-8 sets – £12.95

We ship internationally; shipping costs are calculated as you check out.


This is a good and clear selection of posters covering a wide range of topics. We've stuck a few of them up on the blinds (children love looking out of windows!) as 'environmental knowledge givers'. Particularly like the 'How to use a dictionary' poster and the 'Classroom Talk ABC' one.
Posted on 12th October 2020
These posters are lovely quality with smart, strong colours. They are genuinely useful posters and the students started using them for vocab ideas straight away.
Posted on 9th October 2019


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