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Tracy Godfroy is a child psychotherapist and clinical supervisor. Tracy has 20 years’ experience of working with children and adolescents who have suffered complex trauma, abuse and neglect, as well as with their families, siblings, support workers and teachers. Based in Bath, Tracy works at Tumblewood therapeutic school community: www.tumblewood.org and has an independent practice: www.childpsychotherapybath.co.uk. Here, Tracy suggests how to support students in developing emotional resilience.

by Tracy Godfroy
28th November 2019

A recent study by NHS digital (Nov 2018) showed that one in eight 5 to 19-year-olds had at least one mental disorder when assessed (broadly grouped into emotional, behavioural, hyperactive and other disorders), and that there had been a 5.8% increase... read more

Andy Sammons is Head of Department in a large secondary school in the north of England, and author of The Compassionate Teacher @compassionteach. Here he gives his first-hand experience of why you should and how you can put yourself first a school environment.

by Andy Sammons
27th November 2019

Paying attention to your mental health By the time I worked it out, it was too late. It took about six months, but by the time depression descended on me, there was no going back. Even now, feeling better about life, I look back on that time in horror... read more

Adrian Bethune is author of 'Wellbeing in the Primary Classroom – A Practical Guide to Teaching Happiness' (Bloomsbury, 2018). Adrian is a teacher and Healthy Body and Mind leader at a primary school in Hertfordshire. In 2012, he was awarded a ‘Happy Hero’ medal at the House of Lords for his work on developing wellbeing in schools. Adrian is the founder of www.teachappy.co.uk @AdrianBethune. Here he explores the benefits of showing kindness, and how the smallest acts can make a big impact.

by Adrian Bethune
11th October 2019

What research says about kindness When we are kind to others, we often feel happier. This is because prosocial behaviour triggers the release of dopamine in our brains. Dopamine is a hormone that makes us feel good, lowers our stress levels and generally... read more

Sue Wheeler is a former teacher, now specialising in safeguarding and digital citizenship training and consultancy @safeinyourhands. Here she shares her observations about the effects of social media on young people’s mental health.

by Sue Wheeler
11th October 2019

The good and bad of social media Social media brings some wonderful benefits. It has changed the way we communicate with each other. We can share what matters to us with our friends immediately. It has the power to motivate people. It allows young... read more

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