All our KS4 Science resources, listed alphabetically

This is a list of all our key stage 4 Science worksheets and handouts, interactive resources and tools and ideas for use in the classroom. They're organised in alphabetical order by topic. Looking for materials for a specific Science? Visit our KS4 BiologyKS4 Chemistry or KS4 Physics libraries.

If there's anything you think is missing, or if you'd like to add to what we've already got, do let us know.



Acids, bases and salts (KS4) (6)
Applications of physics (3)
AQA biomimicry pack (2)
Atomic structure and bonding (47)  New resource!
Atoms, elements and compounds (25)
Biodiversity (6)
Biotechnology (1)
Cells (KS3) (7)
Cells, organs and systems (KS4) (77)
Chemical reactions and energetics (27)
Chemical reactions – acids and alkalis (KS3) (1)
Control systems (26)
Drugs and disease (30)
Earth and atmosphere (12)
Ecology (KS3) (4)
Electricity (KS3) (4)
Electrolysis (7)
Energy (KS3) (2)
Energy and electricity (KS4) (60)
Energy, environment and ecology (KS4) (41)
First lessons (1)
Forces and motion (40)
Fuels and other uses of chemistry (4)
Gases, equilibria and ammonia (1)
Heart and circulatory system (8)
Human biology (KS3) (8)
Inheritance, reproduction and evolution (KS4) (58)
Literacy skills (2)
Materials and their uses (13)
Maths skills (38)
Organic chemistry (incl. fuels) (22)
Patterns of reactivity (12)
Plants (20)
Practical skills (2)
Pure and impure substances (3)
Qualitative and quantitative analysis (8)
Quantitative chemistry (17)
Radioactivity (17)
Reproduction, inheritance and selection (KS3) (4)
Required practicals (7)
Synergy (2)
Science club ideas (8)
Solids, liquids and gases (KS3) (2)
Space physics (KS3) (1)
Teaching ideas (12)
The Periodic Table (12)
The Universe (KS4) (11)  New resource!
True or false? (4)
Waves (KS4) (26)
Waves – light (3)
Teaching templates (59)
Working scientifically – analysis and evaluation (5)
Working scientifically – experimental skills and investigations (12)
Working scientifically – measurement (7)
Working scientifically – scientific attitudes (1)
Literacy in science (14)

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