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On your marks, get set ...

Getting students ready for exams is a bit like training a squad for the Olympics. Your students all need to be in peak condition and ready to give their best on the day.

Revision, like training, can be a hard slog and all great coaches need a variety of strategies to keep their team motivated and improving their performance. We've got it covered with lots of revision activities and ideas to help you get your classes exam fit.

Sarah Kniveton

Interactive revision

Our interactive tools give you a quick and easy way to test knowledge and understanding. If you don't have time to make your own there are lots of classroom ready activities that are perfect for revision. Our interactive activities are available to subcribers and published contributors, there are also some free samples for everyone to use.

Don't forget the Teachit Timer which, is free for everyone to use!

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Revision activities

We've added a new collection of fantastic (sometimes quirky!) revision ideas, games and templates to add that element of fun to your revision sessions.

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