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Interactive whiteboard resources

To show you what you can do with our interactives, here are some we made earlier, all ready to go! Use on your whiteboard, just as they are – or tweak, edit and adapt to suit. Help yourself to any of the interactive resources in the collections below and look out for the icon Interactive whizzy activityas you browse our resource libraries.

Try our free sample activities

A starter, plenary or revision match-up activity. Which test is used for each nutrient?

Food tests matching activity

A quick starter quiz as revision for atoms, elements, compounds and mixtures.

Atomic Blockbusters

A fun true or false quiz recapping rates of reaction.

Rates of reaction quiz

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Latest resources

Latest resources

Radio tagging birds

Biology QWC – keyword save or scrap?
Literacy in science

Hot rocks – how cavemen heated water
Energy and electricity (KS4) | Working scientifically – experimental skills and investigations